The College of Theology and Social Sciences aims to:


Strengthen students’ Christian identity with sound theological knowledge


Equip and train students to work in a Church and beyond


Empower students to influence and lead the world with Christian principles

CTSS implements the MISSION with balance in three areas of educational impact:

1. Intellectual

Academic Level

2. Professional 

Practical Skills

3. Spiritual Formation 

To be a disciple of Jesus Christ

Each of these three spheres is in tune with scientific and technological development, cultural change and the globalisation process.


The College of Theology and Social Sciences in Warsaw has a distinguished heritage spanning over nine decades. We are privileged to train compassionate and open-minded Christians to serve in intercultural environments.

1. Bible School in Gdańsk 

The CTSS continues the teaching tradition of the Biblical Institute founded in Gdańsk in 1933. For the post-war generation, the school has become a model of how to take care of the biblical and theological preparation of believers in the service of God, the Church, other service organizations and the world.

Students of the Bible School, 1935

2. The Second World War and the persecution

The Second World War interrupted the Institute’s activities. In 1948 it was reborn as the Bible School in Warsaw. 

In the years 1949-1968, the persecution came from behind the eastern border. The Bible School was forced to close its official activity and organized only secret courses lasting several days.

3. The Bible School in Warsaw

In 1968, the Bible School was officially reopened. From 1976 onwards, the school was recruiting only every two years. At that time, not only biblical subjects but also theological subjects (Theology of OT and NT, Dogmatics) and pastoral care, Homiletics, Catechism, History of the Church were taught.

The opening ceremony of the Central Chapel, Warsaw, 1970

Students of the Bible School during classes in the 1973/74 academic year

Students of the Bible School in front of the church house, 1973

4. Warsaw Theological Seminary

In 1986 the Bible School was transformed into the Warsaw Theological Seminary. With the collapse of the political system, individual denominations of the United Evangelical Church decided to become independent. As a result, in 1987, the unification and establishment of four new churches, including the Pentecostal Church, was completed. The Theological Seminary in Warsaw passed under the administration of the same Church.

5. Undergraduate Studies

In 1997 it became a fully accredited undergraduate school. In 2012 the Seminary changed its name to College of Theology and Social Sciences. Further development of the college is connected with organizing new forms of education, including bachelor's degrees in different majors, extramural studies and multiple open-education courses.

Graduates of the Warsaw Theological Seminary, 1997

6. Development of Ministry and Theological Studies (MATS) in English

2019 was the first year of the MATS program. Currently in the English undergraduate program we instruct students from many countries. Our lecturers are highly educated theologians, experienced pastors and business leaders. 

CTSS provides academic education which is both practical and experiential with the intercultural and international context in mind.

Graduates of the College of Theology and Social Sciences, 2022


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